New Zealand Lawn & Garden Registry

Upholding Ethics & Building Trust For All Registered Lawn & Garden Business Around New Zealand


Why Trust A Registered Lawn & Garden Business

Every member of the New Zealand Lawn & Garden Registry has the resources to allow them to be the most professional business they can possibly be.

Each business gets access to advanced learning to learn how to run their businesses more efficiently, giving you, the customer, a better experience with each registered business you work with. 

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Looking For Trusted Local Lawn Care?

Our registered partners delivery the quickest and most professional lawn care you could ask for. 

Looking For Trusted Local Gardeners? 

Our registered partners use your vision and bring it life in your home gardens, bringing your sanctuary to life. 

The Number Of Registered Business Is Growing Everyday. 

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Any Lawnmowing, Gardening or Landscaping business can apply to become registered. Check out the perks below and click the button apply.

  • Franchise + Employment Contracts
  • Registered Business Car Sticker
  • IRD Employment Forms
  • Workshare Forum
  • Online Business Support
  • Online Display Of Your Business In The Registry
  • ...and more!